Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Birthday!

I had such a great birthday!! I was one happy girl! :)

Friday night, mom and daddy goodman came up for the weekend and stayed with us! I was soo happy to be able to spend the weekend with them! So Saturday morning, everyone came over and dad made us breakfast burritos. Those are always delicious. Everyone left and we just hung around the house and got ready. Me, Chadly, mom and dad went to the mall and they took me birthday shopping :) After that, we all met up at Red Lobster. So good! (I think Chadly was the one who was most excited for it ha) After we all ate way too much, we headed on over to the Dbacks Game! It was a good game,they won! On our way home..we ended a great day with some Bahama Bucks :) Sunday morning, we just layed around and got ready for church. Dad came with us to Sacrament. Mom wasnt feeling well :( They couldnt stay too long cause they had to get back to Benson. I was so happy that they were able to stay with us for the weekend! I love them so much. After they left, I went back to church for Relief Society. I love it. Really...Words can't express how happy it makes me! I hate missing it. After church, Brent and Brooke came over cause Brookie made me some cupcakes and got me a gift. ( And for those of you that dont know, my sister brooke is amazing at baking and making food. They were the best cupcakes. and they were the party confetti kind!) We ate dinner and watched She's the Man. I love that movie hahaha. Chris and Shelley came over a little bit later and we also just hung out and they watched me open the 2nd part of my gift. Brent and Brooke got me a cute shirt from Tillys, and Chris and Shelley got me some matching sweat pants. Yes..they knew how much I would love getting sweatpants! hahah. It was soo thoughtful of them to get me something for my birthday. We had so much fun spending the day with them saturday and having them back over on sunday. I really do not know how I got so lucky and blessed to become part of the Goodman family. They are all so sweet to me. I love my brothers and sisters :)  We missed having the rest of our family with us though!!

Monday morning. I went and got my hair done by the lovely Kelsey Havig :) I put some blonde highlights in my hair.

k im real akward at taking pictures of myself haha but I wanted a picture of my blonde highlights.

After I got my hair done, my mama and I went shopping at the mall. I got lots of good stuff :) Im so excited to have some new clothes. Its been a very long time since I have gotten new clothes!! I really enjoyed spending some time with my mama <3

After the mall we headed back to our house to get Chadly and go to Olive Garden. This is what I came home to :)

Chadly got me balloons and put my presents out on the counter. He also got me roses :) I was tryign to stand so you could see them...but I def ended up just hiding them. And please notice...Chadly got me a disney princess bag and put my presents in it <3

We went to Olive Garden with my mom and my dad. I havent been there in over a year. It was so good!

After Olive Garden we came back to our house and I opened my presents and we had cake. Chadly did a very nice job on picking out my cake ;) It was an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins, with vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake on the bottom with carmel on the top. Oh man. It was way good!

Chadly made my birthday so special! He def suprised me by getting me a Kindle!! I had no idea I would be getting one. I was so excited!  He got my balloons (he tied the balloons to a bag of Reeses Minis. He knows those are my weakness), roses, new perfume, a Kindle with a gift card to buy some new books, and a Ny Yankees Hat. ( Yes I got one!! ) And of course, Chadly always gets me the sweetest cards and writes such sweet things in them. I read it over and over. Hes so good to me :) I am one lucky girl!!

I felt so loved with all the people wishing me a happy birthday! Thank you so much everyone!! It meant a lot.