Friday, February 18, 2011

The Married Life

I love being married! Its the best just being able to be around the one you love pretty much 24/7.  So many good memories and so many funny times! When im finally done with work, it feels so nice knowing I get to come to my man :) We grow closer each day. He's my other half!

 I learned to play Call of theres something else we can do together. I actually really like the game haha.

FUNNIEST STORY: bahahah. The other night, I threw a rolled up sock at Chad and it hit him in the face and then fell in his ice cream. SO FUNNY. I couldnt stop laughing!

Heres some pics of us.Being weird. We had a picnic at Freestone park last weekend. It was great :)

Kelsey's Bridal Shower. Oh how I've missed these girls!!

Jan 2011!

 We went and stayed in a cabin up in Heber with some friends and played in the snow..lots of fun!  We got a sled and tied a rope to the car and held on to the rope while someone drove the car haha. 

Christmas and New Years

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in Benson then came up to gilbert Christmas Day!. We had such a good first Christmas together! Well, first Christmas as a married couple ha. It was neat seeing all the traditions and things that Chadly's family does and being able to be a part of them.  For our Christmas pajamas, we got Christmas Story shirts and wore matching gray pants. One of the cutest things was Christmas morning when we woke the kids up and we were all in the hallway waiting to go see what Santa brought us! They were all so excited! Ive never really had any Christmas's with kids, besides when I was a kid, it was way fun watching the kids be so excited to open their presents! Chadly got me a beautiful heart necklace, and he got me new scriptures with my new name on them :)

 We went back down to Benson for New Years Eve. We went to our friends house for a bit, but we were both sick, so we went back to the parents house and watched the ball drop then went to a good old married couple baha. We both started the new years off with new hair doos! I dyed mine darker...and Chadly straightened his haha

October and November, 2010

We went to Benson Halloween weekend for Daddy Goodman's birthday. Went to the festival thingy with the kids, they looked so cute! 

 Chadly's birthday was November 5th. We went down to Tucson and celebrated with some friends

The Day We Became Mr. and Mrs. Goodman

 August 20, 2010. Our Wedding Day. We had a beautiful wedding and such a fun reception! It went by way too fast, but it was awesome! We loved having our family and friends there to celebrate with us :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Here it is!

We started a blog! ..well more like I (marisa) started one for us. And since Chadly put me in charge of it..I got to pick the backround :)

We love our life together. Being married is the BEST! We are so weird together, its bad. And we love Call of Duty! Ill blog more a diff day and put up pics from the wedding and everything. Just wanted to get a little somethin up on our blog :)