Saturday, November 19, 2011

For my friend

                                                                    This is Ashley <3

I met her when we first joined our ward. I was at a relief society activity and she came up to me and asked me if I wanted to sit with her. Since then we have become such good friends. She has one of the most genuine hearts. She just loves everyone! I love hanging out with her too. She loves going to Bahama Bucks haha. Last week Chad and I took her to costco and we ate dinner. She sure can make me laugh. She absolutely loves chad!! When I first introduced her to him at church, later on she came up to me and told me how she thought he was so hot! it was so cute :) It just makes me love him even more seeing how sweet he is to my dear friend. Every 1st Sunday of the month in Sacrament, she always goes up to the podium to bear her testimony and she always brings me up in her testimony. She makes me feel so loved and special. I absolutely love this girl and I would do anything for her! As much as she tells me Ive been a blessing to her, shes def been the one whos been a blessing to me! <3

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Birthday!

I had such a great birthday!! I was one happy girl! :)

Friday night, mom and daddy goodman came up for the weekend and stayed with us! I was soo happy to be able to spend the weekend with them! So Saturday morning, everyone came over and dad made us breakfast burritos. Those are always delicious. Everyone left and we just hung around the house and got ready. Me, Chadly, mom and dad went to the mall and they took me birthday shopping :) After that, we all met up at Red Lobster. So good! (I think Chadly was the one who was most excited for it ha) After we all ate way too much, we headed on over to the Dbacks Game! It was a good game,they won! On our way home..we ended a great day with some Bahama Bucks :) Sunday morning, we just layed around and got ready for church. Dad came with us to Sacrament. Mom wasnt feeling well :( They couldnt stay too long cause they had to get back to Benson. I was so happy that they were able to stay with us for the weekend! I love them so much. After they left, I went back to church for Relief Society. I love it. Really...Words can't express how happy it makes me! I hate missing it. After church, Brent and Brooke came over cause Brookie made me some cupcakes and got me a gift. ( And for those of you that dont know, my sister brooke is amazing at baking and making food. They were the best cupcakes. and they were the party confetti kind!) We ate dinner and watched She's the Man. I love that movie hahaha. Chris and Shelley came over a little bit later and we also just hung out and they watched me open the 2nd part of my gift. Brent and Brooke got me a cute shirt from Tillys, and Chris and Shelley got me some matching sweat pants. Yes..they knew how much I would love getting sweatpants! hahah. It was soo thoughtful of them to get me something for my birthday. We had so much fun spending the day with them saturday and having them back over on sunday. I really do not know how I got so lucky and blessed to become part of the Goodman family. They are all so sweet to me. I love my brothers and sisters :)  We missed having the rest of our family with us though!!

Monday morning. I went and got my hair done by the lovely Kelsey Havig :) I put some blonde highlights in my hair.

k im real akward at taking pictures of myself haha but I wanted a picture of my blonde highlights.

After I got my hair done, my mama and I went shopping at the mall. I got lots of good stuff :) Im so excited to have some new clothes. Its been a very long time since I have gotten new clothes!! I really enjoyed spending some time with my mama <3

After the mall we headed back to our house to get Chadly and go to Olive Garden. This is what I came home to :)

Chadly got me balloons and put my presents out on the counter. He also got me roses :) I was tryign to stand so you could see them...but I def ended up just hiding them. And please notice...Chadly got me a disney princess bag and put my presents in it <3

We went to Olive Garden with my mom and my dad. I havent been there in over a year. It was so good!

After Olive Garden we came back to our house and I opened my presents and we had cake. Chadly did a very nice job on picking out my cake ;) It was an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins, with vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake on the bottom with carmel on the top. Oh man. It was way good!

Chadly made my birthday so special! He def suprised me by getting me a Kindle!! I had no idea I would be getting one. I was so excited!  He got my balloons (he tied the balloons to a bag of Reeses Minis. He knows those are my weakness), roses, new perfume, a Kindle with a gift card to buy some new books, and a Ny Yankees Hat. ( Yes I got one!! ) And of course, Chadly always gets me the sweetest cards and writes such sweet things in them. I read it over and over. Hes so good to me :) I am one lucky girl!!

I felt so loved with all the people wishing me a happy birthday! Thank you so much everyone!! It meant a lot.

Monday, July 25, 2011

4th of July Weekend

I not very good at this blog thing :/ I kind of go a while between blogs. Hopefully i'll get better at it!

We went down to Benson for the 4th of July weekend. I absolutely loved it! All the family was was so much fun :) I loved being around all the wee ones. Its so much fun to play with them. And I love being able to hang out with my brothers and sisters. Each time im around them I can tell im more and more of my weird self around them and I am growing closer to them! I wish I would have taken more pictures of this weekend :/ 

Saturday night we went to a bbq with the Barneys. There was some good food there! Then the storm was coming..i love it! Sunday Chadly and I went to church with mom and dad. I actualy got up there and bore my testimony. Its crazy how sometimes the spirit just takes over and I do things like go bare my testomony..especially when its not even my ward. But it felt very nice to do it. And I was glad Chadly and mom and dad could be there to hear it :) 

My sister Brooke and I made homemade twix! they were pretty delish. I love cooking with brookie. I felt all cool that I made something for the family haha. It wsa especially fun when we were cooking cause in the kitchen it was me, Brooke, Shelley, and Nicole. Just me and my sisters hanging out :) ...They are prob a little unsure about me being in their family now that my true wierdness is coming out :) haha jk. sorta :)

Chadly and I went on a nice drive around Benson. Im obsessed with going on drives. Im pretty much just obsessed with Benson. Its out in the middle of no where and I love it! I love thats its all scenery. I need to take a pic one of these days and post it for all to see! Each time we go to Benson im always bugging chadly to go on a drive with me. So he finally gave in!! ..prob cause its his parents new car he got to drive. haha. I loved going for the drive and just being around all scenery. The farther we got the more green it got. I was so pretty. 

Then when we got back ..I wanted to be outside more! It drives him crazy too cause whenever we go I always want to go in the backyard and be outside haha. So he wouldnt go with me. So I asked my niece Madi to go on the swings with me. Then more of the kiddies came out and mom and Shelley and brookie  and nicole came out. We were out ther for what felt like hours. It was great :) Just playing around with them and then Madi and I found a was kind of gross. 

Monday on the 4th of July we went to the parade in Benson. I was pretty much just as excited as the kids were! I love Benson and all the small town stuff about it :) 

Me and Chadly and our niece Braelyn :)

At the 4th of July parade

Me and Chadly. yes..his sunglasses are too big for my face. bahaha,

I took a bunch of other crazy pictures with some of my other nieces and nephews..they are on dads phone though.

We came back home monday evening and had a bqq with some friends. Again...I wish I would have taken pictures. It was soo much fun!! We all just hung out and ate. We were able to set up some chairs across the street from our house and watch the fireworks from Schnepfarms. We also had a scorpian that wanted to hang out with us haha. It got super windy and it was lighting behind us..but I loved hanging out with my girls and some of their boys :) Im so grateful for these girls!! Kaitlyn, Kelsey, Karley and Kristen...I love you :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our Newest Addition

Here is the newest additon to our family. Saydie :) 

I found her a week ago at like 6am when I was going to my moms house. She was just standing in the middle of the street, she looked so clueless :( I stopped and opened my door and she just came over and jumped right in! I put signs up all over our neighborhood and near by and no one called about her. We took her to the vet and she doesn't have a chip in her, so she is ours now! (I was secretly hoping the whole time that we would be able to keep her) She is such a sweet dog. Shes a good dog too! Minus swallowing a hot dog whole and then throwing up on the carpet multiple times. Chadly and I have an thing on spelling her name. I want it spelled Saydie. He wants it spelled Sadie. I dont spelling it the way I want :) haha.

Last night I wasn't feeling well so I went and laid in bed. I had my eyes closed and I heard a noise so I opened them and Saydie was resting her head on the bed right infront of my face. Hahah shes cute! 

I love this doggie <3

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Relief Society Poolside Potluck

Tonight was the poolside potluck for relief society! It was actually quite fun! I got to know a lot of people and get to know the people I have already talked to even more. They had a great lesson too. It seriously makes me so happy to be in our new ward.

Yesterday the relief society presidency came over and visited. I really enjoyed it. I had told them about how  I am a dancer and have danced since I was 3...that came back to haunt me tonight. bahah

They had these hawaiin dancers come and perform. I forget what its called that they do, but they do that butt shaking thing. They made some people get up with them and go learn how to do it and dance for a song to it. Since im a dancer they all kept yelling at me to go up there. not cool! hahah, no it was kind of fun. a little awkward. but now I know how to hawaiin butt shake it!!

I love being apart of this relief society!! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Skyline Ward

Today was the first day in our new ward!! We are in the Skyline Ward in the Queen Creek Arizona Stake. Going to our new ward brought me so much joy!! I didn't fully put my heart and mind into the last family ward we were at, we were at my moms and it just felt like a temporary ward. I know, thats bad of me. But I knew it wasnt permanent and in my mind I didn't even know how long we would be in that ward. But knowing that this is our permanent ward and we will be able to get to know the people in our ward and have callings and everything makes me feel so happy!! I will heart still belongs to the singles ward. bahah. jk. sorta ;)

 I was a little skeptical when we first got there. But like they always say, you can't judge a book by its cover! I don't think we had planned on staying the whole time but after we went to the clerks office , a brother told us to come with him to Gospel principles. So we went to that. Then I just did not want to leave. I really wanted to stay for Relief Society! I was just so happy to be there. The sisters in Relief Society were soo nice. I had quite a few people come up to me and say hi and introduce themselves and these other 2 sisters told me to come sit by them.

There arent very many young couples...atleast not as young as us. And we are pretty sure we are the only couple without kids in that ward haha. But its a smaller ward, and im so so excited to be in it!! Theres a relief society poolside potluck coming up that I am already excited to go to!

I actually spoke today too in relief society! that doesnt happen very often ha. I was just so happy to be there and spirit was so strong I just felt I needed to! It felt so good to go to church today. I am so excited to become a part of this ward and get a calling. I really want to focus on getting my Patriartical Blessing. sure I spelled that wrong. I find myself at peace knowing that we are going to become a part of this ward and it makes me feel so strong and happy knowing that blessings that will come for Chadly and I.

Today, I realized again why this church makes me so happy. It was one of the best decisions of my life to join this church.  I can't wait for all the more happiness thats going to come to us!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Im your girl and your my man, and were makin plans!

Last night I had started writing this blog, but then we had some water tester dude come to our house so I got interrupted. But I was writing about how excited I was for all the plans that Chadly and I have! Then this morning I heard a song by Miranda Lambert called Makin Plans. Its perfect!

anywho. We have lots of plan in store :) well, maybe not lots, but a couple! ha. I can't really say what they are.  You will all just have to wait and see! But ill say its not kids yet :) haha.

Ok, ill say one! We have our goal to be sealed in the Temple for Time and all Eternity!! We can't wait! I can't even imagine what it will be like or feel like going into the Temple!

I always think back to before I met Chad when I stopped believing in marriage. Its kind of sad actually. I didn't think it was real, and I didn't believe that two people could actually stay together. And I didn't think that there was really someone out there who would accept me for who I was and if they did, I didn't think they would last a lifetime.

Chadly changed all that for me. I think Chadly is def a great example of a person who truly loves another. For those of you that really know me...Chadly has been by my side through everything an supported me even when he didn't quite understand. We have been through a lot in our short time being married. He has had so much patience and care towards me. I dont know how he does it! But he is amazing. I love my life with him. I love that I believe in our marriage and that we can be together forever.

To Write Love on Her Arms.

Chadly and I wear these wrist bands. Its an organization that supports people that deal with depression and self harm and eating disorders and things like that. Its an amazing movement! We support :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011


 I am beyond grateful to have the family that I have. I was extremely blessed to be brought into the Goodman family! They all have the most genuine hearts and have really shown me that family is forever. In this short time we have been married, they have all been there for us through everything. I don't consider them my in laws. They are my parents, and my brothers and sisters.  I love spending time with them! Its always so much fun. I always think about how they will be my family for forever. 
I didn't grow up with many cousins or any younger cousins. My family is pretty small. I never knew the love I could have for all my nieces and nephews! They sure know how to make me smile. They are the most precious kids, I love them so much! 

This is me and Chadly and our niece Lilly at a halloween carnival in Benson

Me and my sister Brooke, and her daughter Lilly. Lilly was getting crazy haha :)

 Me and my niece Braelyn!

Lilly and Marlee
 My nephew Crewser. He gives the best loves! He always runs up to me when he sees me..calls out my name "risa!" and gives me the biggest hugs! Hes such a snuggler too. Melts my heart.
Chadly and our niece Madi. Love this pic of them :)

Fun day at the zoo!

We drove with Brent and Brooke to Madi's baptism in Thatcher. Lilly and I were entertaining ourselves!

 Braezer and Carlee at the zoo!

My nephew Koye!

Crewser, Madi and Koye :)

Chadly and Marlee. so precious!

My Goodman Family. Love them so much!
Can't forget about my little Cappo family!! I love them so much, and I am also so happy that the Cappos and Goodmans get a long so well :) I am such a lucky girl to have such amazing family!! Besides my Chadly, my mom and brother are my rock <3

Our new home :)

It's been quite some time! We are all settled into our new house and we absolutely LOVE it!! Its out in San Tan Valley, its kinda out there, haha but we love the area. There's all sorts of animals out here! We love being closer to our brothers and sisters too! We get to spend more time with them :)
We can't wait to someday start our family in this home! Its 4 bedroom, 3 bath. So plenty of room for the wee ones!! But thats not for quite some time :) 
It feels so nice to come home after a long day, to our new home, where it so peaceful outside and just spend the rest of our day together. I love love love being married!

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Married Life

I love being married! Its the best just being able to be around the one you love pretty much 24/7.  So many good memories and so many funny times! When im finally done with work, it feels so nice knowing I get to come to my man :) We grow closer each day. He's my other half!

 I learned to play Call of theres something else we can do together. I actually really like the game haha.

FUNNIEST STORY: bahahah. The other night, I threw a rolled up sock at Chad and it hit him in the face and then fell in his ice cream. SO FUNNY. I couldnt stop laughing!

Heres some pics of us.Being weird. We had a picnic at Freestone park last weekend. It was great :)

Kelsey's Bridal Shower. Oh how I've missed these girls!!

Jan 2011!

 We went and stayed in a cabin up in Heber with some friends and played in the snow..lots of fun!  We got a sled and tied a rope to the car and held on to the rope while someone drove the car haha. 

Christmas and New Years

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in Benson then came up to gilbert Christmas Day!. We had such a good first Christmas together! Well, first Christmas as a married couple ha. It was neat seeing all the traditions and things that Chadly's family does and being able to be a part of them.  For our Christmas pajamas, we got Christmas Story shirts and wore matching gray pants. One of the cutest things was Christmas morning when we woke the kids up and we were all in the hallway waiting to go see what Santa brought us! They were all so excited! Ive never really had any Christmas's with kids, besides when I was a kid, it was way fun watching the kids be so excited to open their presents! Chadly got me a beautiful heart necklace, and he got me new scriptures with my new name on them :)

 We went back down to Benson for New Years Eve. We went to our friends house for a bit, but we were both sick, so we went back to the parents house and watched the ball drop then went to a good old married couple baha. We both started the new years off with new hair doos! I dyed mine darker...and Chadly straightened his haha