Saturday, November 19, 2011

For my friend

                                                                    This is Ashley <3

I met her when we first joined our ward. I was at a relief society activity and she came up to me and asked me if I wanted to sit with her. Since then we have become such good friends. She has one of the most genuine hearts. She just loves everyone! I love hanging out with her too. She loves going to Bahama Bucks haha. Last week Chad and I took her to costco and we ate dinner. She sure can make me laugh. She absolutely loves chad!! When I first introduced her to him at church, later on she came up to me and told me how she thought he was so hot! it was so cute :) It just makes me love him even more seeing how sweet he is to my dear friend. Every 1st Sunday of the month in Sacrament, she always goes up to the podium to bear her testimony and she always brings me up in her testimony. She makes me feel so loved and special. I absolutely love this girl and I would do anything for her! As much as she tells me Ive been a blessing to her, shes def been the one whos been a blessing to me! <3