Friday, June 10, 2011

Im your girl and your my man, and were makin plans!

Last night I had started writing this blog, but then we had some water tester dude come to our house so I got interrupted. But I was writing about how excited I was for all the plans that Chadly and I have! Then this morning I heard a song by Miranda Lambert called Makin Plans. Its perfect!

anywho. We have lots of plan in store :) well, maybe not lots, but a couple! ha. I can't really say what they are.  You will all just have to wait and see! But ill say its not kids yet :) haha.

Ok, ill say one! We have our goal to be sealed in the Temple for Time and all Eternity!! We can't wait! I can't even imagine what it will be like or feel like going into the Temple!

I always think back to before I met Chad when I stopped believing in marriage. Its kind of sad actually. I didn't think it was real, and I didn't believe that two people could actually stay together. And I didn't think that there was really someone out there who would accept me for who I was and if they did, I didn't think they would last a lifetime.

Chadly changed all that for me. I think Chadly is def a great example of a person who truly loves another. For those of you that really know me...Chadly has been by my side through everything an supported me even when he didn't quite understand. We have been through a lot in our short time being married. He has had so much patience and care towards me. I dont know how he does it! But he is amazing. I love my life with him. I love that I believe in our marriage and that we can be together forever.

To Write Love on Her Arms.

Chadly and I wear these wrist bands. Its an organization that supports people that deal with depression and self harm and eating disorders and things like that. Its an amazing movement! We support :)

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Brent and Brooke said...

I love your blog ris!! I was dying at the pics of you and lilly cheesin it up in the back seat, very cute! You guys are very lucky to have fond one another :)