Thursday, June 23, 2011

Relief Society Poolside Potluck

Tonight was the poolside potluck for relief society! It was actually quite fun! I got to know a lot of people and get to know the people I have already talked to even more. They had a great lesson too. It seriously makes me so happy to be in our new ward.

Yesterday the relief society presidency came over and visited. I really enjoyed it. I had told them about how  I am a dancer and have danced since I was 3...that came back to haunt me tonight. bahah

They had these hawaiin dancers come and perform. I forget what its called that they do, but they do that butt shaking thing. They made some people get up with them and go learn how to do it and dance for a song to it. Since im a dancer they all kept yelling at me to go up there. not cool! hahah, no it was kind of fun. a little awkward. but now I know how to hawaiin butt shake it!!

I love being apart of this relief society!! :)

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